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Who is Definitive Car Detailing?

Definitive Car Detailing is a specialist prestige car detailing and paint protection business based on the North Shore of Sydney. As the most recommended provider of vehicle paint protection services in North Sydney, Definitive Car Detailing is the team that you can trust to care for your prestige car. In the purpose built headquarters, the paint protection technicians provide advanced paint treatments that are not available anywhere else in New South Wales.

If you are after the ultimate shine and glossiness for your car – visit the Opticoat Sydney website.

One of the reasons why Definitive Car Detailing is widely regarded in the industry as the premier paint protection team is their insistence on never compromising on quality. By only using the industry's most advanced products and taking as long as it takes to deliver the results your car deserves, the team is able to provide unparalleled results.

Expect showroom shine and that new car smell.

Whether you are preparing your car for sale, restoring a vintage classic or ensuring your supercar stays in pristine condition, Definitive Car Detailing have the expertise and experience to guarantee a perfect finish.

What services does Definitive Car Detailing provide?

With years of experience at the forefront of the industry, Definitive Car Detailing is not a stock-standard wash and wax detailing company. Some of the professional car detailing packages that are provided include:

  • Opticoat new car paint protection

  • Swissvax premium car detailing

  • Opticoat Pro+ permanent ceramic paint protection treatment 

  • Exterior paint decontamination

  • 1-2-3 Stage paint correction

  • Interior upholstery steam and shampoo

  • Opti-Guard interior leather and fabric protection

  • PPF clear film

  • Pre-sale car detailing

The innovative detailing technicians continue to research and test the industry's most advanced products to ensure that they can guarantee that they are providing the leading professional car detailing services in Sydney. One of the groundbreaking services that Definitive Car Detailing have pioneered is the spray application of Opticoat Pro + with infrared curing. As the #1 spray applicator of Opticoat products in New South Wales the team has provided the ultimate shine and protection for a wide range of prestige cars.

But the real Definitive Car Difference is the customer service!

  • Free rental car or drop-off and pick-up

  • Lifetime Opticoat performance guarantee

  • Free yearly Opticoat check

  • Free annual touchups of Opticoat products

  • Free high-quality professional HD photography

If you have any questions about vehicle paint protection call Frank on 1300 739 489. 

What is Opticoat Pro+?

Simple answer – The Ultimate protective paint coating.

Detailed answer – A two-step paint protection coating that chemically binds to the paint and provides showroom shine and glossiness and the industry's leading chemical resistance and water spotting qualities. Unlike waxes and polishes that will wear over time, Opticoat Pro + pre polymer cross links and permanently seals and protects the paintwork. 

If you want to protect your paintwork from scratches, UV damage, fading, bird droppings and chemicals, don't compromise on quality – choose Opticoat.

Should I buy a new car paint protection package?

If you have just bought a new car undoubtedly you would also have been offered a myriad of optional extras. Rustproofing, window tinting, extended warranties, fabric protection, GPS navigation, floor mats, boot liners, headlight protector, premium sound systems, roof racks and towbars are just some of the options you will be offered before you drive out of the showroom. But is it really worth it?

Paint protection is obviously a savvy option as it protects one of the most significant factors in the resale of your car. But are the paint protection services offered by dealers as good as the salesman say they are?

In an independent investigation by Choice, it was revealed that paint protection by dealers is often far more expensive than aftermarket treatments. New car owners can save several hundred dollars and receive higher quality paint protection by carefully choosing an independent vehicle paint protection specialist.

5 Reasons To Chose Definitive Car Detailing

1. Sydney's Leading Prestige Car Detailer

Over the last decade, Definitive Car Detailing has built up an enviable reputation as the #1 specialist car detailing firm in Sydney. There are cheaper paint protection services available but none can match the level of service and results of Definitive Car Detailing. Search online and you will find genuine reviews from satisfied customers.

2. Long Term Value

Definitive Car Detailing uses premium products that last. Even though the services that Definitive Car Detailing provide are not the cheapest in the industry, they will ensure that your car maintains a solid resale value when it comes time to sell.

3. Innovative Paint Protection

Definitive Paint Protection is the #1 spray applicator of Opticoat in New South Wales. This innovative application technique renders a thicker application that provides maximum shine and protection. Compared to a normal hand wipe-on application of Opticoat which most commercial detailers use, spray application produces a far superior coating. Using a paint thickness gauge, testing has shown that the spray application produces a protective coating four times as thick as the wipe on application of Opticoat. 

4. Prestige Car Specialist

With a reputation for service excellence, Definitive Car Detailing provides professional car detailing services for prestige car brands including: Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Porsche, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, Tesla, BMW, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Volvo, Maserati, Honda, Infiniti, Skoda, Lexus, Chrysler, VW, Ford and Holden. 

There is not another car detailing specialist in Sydney that has more experience and expertise detailing prestige cars in Sydney than Definitive Car Detailing.

5. Hassle Free Car Detailing

With a dedication to providing first-rate customer service Definitive Car Detailing will ensure that you are more than satisfied with their services. From the moment you pick up the phone and book an appointment, you will recognise that you are dealing with a business that is genuinely concerned with providing you with stress-free service. Book in your free loan car, or organise the team to provide you with a free pick-up of your car and relax as the team revives your paintwork to a showroom lustre. Payment is easy with a wide range of payment options and there are no sneaky add-ons or hidden fees. 

Why should you have your car detailed?

Apart from your house, your car is probably one of the most valuable assets that you own. Insurance will protect your car from fire, theft and damage from accidents. But have you thought about how you can protect your car from the harsh elements that cars are exposed to in Sydney? The intense sunlight, chemical contaminants and the harsh UV can cause the clear protective coating on your car's paint job to appear faded and dull. Yellowed headlights and faded grey plastics and mouldings are a sure sign that a car has not been protected adequately. Professional detailing is a wise investment as it will prevent your car from looking aged and losing value.

There is no surface on a car that a specialist can not protect!
From the badge on the front of your bonnet to the tip of your muffler, advanced detailing products and techniques ensure that every piece of your car is in showroom condition.

Definitive Car Detailing provides crisp professional HD photos for every car that has Opticoat Pro+ spray application. Come and see some of the amazing examples currently on the Definitive Car Detailing website of Ford Mustangs, Audi A3s and Porsche 911s. 

There is no better advertisement for the team than the results that they provide. Once they are finished with an automobile, it would not look out of place at a car show. Gleaming paintwork, shimmering windows, polished plastics and not a speck of dirt or etching to be found. If you would like to explore some of the specific techniques that the team uses, visit the Definitive Car Detailing Youtube channel, which not only provides helpful hints and tips to help you keep your car looking great, but also shows some of the stunning results from prestige cars that have been recently detailed.

If you have any questions, or would like a free quote on any car detailing or vehicle paint protection service, call Frank today on 1300 954 200, or visit the official company website at

Definitive Prestige Car Detailing Sydney
Address: 12/85 Mars Rd, Lane Cove West NSW 2066
Phone: 1300 954 200

12/85 Mars Rd, Lane Cove West NSW 2066

Send Message Phone: 1300 954 200

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